Steel, Aluminum and Parts thefts on the Rise

We all know times are hard, gas prices are hitting record highs, cigarettes have gone up to almost $7.00 per pack in New York and Winter is fast approaching, meaning insane fuel oil prices.

It seems the pressure is too much for some to bear, causing both minor and major thefts across the region. Recently, a new car lot experienced the theft of over 100 catalytic converters when theifs used a forklift to hoist up the vehicles and cut the converters out.

Several transport companies have reported thefts of Aluminum boxes taken right off of units. Other companies have reported entire roll-on dumpsters of aluminum, copper or Steel being emptied by hand for re-sale.

I have purchased a locking gas cap for my automobile, as I can forsee this being a major problem in the near future. Prices aren't expected to see a decrease for quite some time, despite comments made by politicians and officials.

The bottom line is keep an extra eye on anything and everything of any value and make sure you lock down all your dumpsters. If possible, install cameras and surveillance to insure optimal protection. For those guys on the road, trust no one and make sure you don't leave anything of value on the outside of your Tractor or Trailer. Make sure your load(s) are locked up tightly, especially if they have a good resale value.

Times are tough but they will most likely be getting tougher before they get better.

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